Specialized in designing High-Quality & Energy-Efficient Filtration, Purification, and Separation systems. Over 20 years of experience and expertise creating clean environments with Compressed Air & Gas Treatment and Gas Generation solutions. We serve you the highest-efficiency Utility, Air, and Gas products with the Lowest Pressure Drop to drive ISO Standard compliance.


domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) focuses on products with high international standards. The company is also a member of various trade associations and technical associations, so we can meet world-class standards and have the tools to develop our customers to meet higher international standards in the future.


Parker Hannifin

domnick hunter - RL (Thailand) Ltd. has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of ‘domnick hunter’ products from England since 1993 in Thailand. Later in 2006, Parker Hannifin bought a British domnick hunter and saw the potential. The company has been appointed as a distributor of products such as Filter, Air Dryer, Process Filtration, Gas Generator, Instrumentation, Pneumatic, Legris Transair until present.



Hanovia is a world-class brand of ultraviolet for eliminate disinfectants and chloramines, chlorine dioxide and ozone depletion. domnick hunter-RL found the business expansion in the quality of water improvement. Hanovia responds to the world-class products and domnick hunter-RL has a large customer base in Thailand and a sales team that reaches out to its customers. So cooperate and be the sole distributor.



LG has a new world-class technology in the field of water, Thinfilm nanocomposit RO Membranes which solves energy-saving issues in variety of industry in Thailand. domnick hunter-RL has been expanding its energy-saving market. Customers have more choices. LG found the potential of the domnick hunter-RL’s client base and potential of the company. Having a wide network at all levels that makes domnick hunter-RL and LG work together. And the sole distributor.


The domnick hunter-RL has been in the refrigeration industry for over 25 years. As the chillers are in the refrigeration industry, we have been chosen Dunham-Bush, American Product to meet demand for customers. Dunham-Bush's products are available in a variety of sizes, including Medium End and High End.


Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is an American air compressor industrial company. Gardner Denver can meet the needs of customers at all levels and industries. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of compressed air quality improvement at domnick hunter - RL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Gardner Denver has contacted the domnick hunter - RL for selling as the official distributor in air compressor systems and equipment for various industries in Thailand.


Continuously develop and improve product quality

Improving the quality is raising the standard of work. And quality control system. Organizations need to keep standards up. Because of the high demand of customers. The goal is to improve quality, improve and develop the need to have a complete operation.

Fast maintenance service within 48 hours

Not only world-class products but also world-class service, fast service within 48 hours after the problem. Satisfy customers with service-minded. And fast response within allocated time.

Providing over 1,000 customer service in various industries across the country

domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) trusted in world class quality products. With sales growing to nearly 300 million in 2013 and serving more than 1,000 customers in various industries across the country.

Certified for ISO 9001/14001

domnick hunter-RL public Limited was established in 1963 as a leader in the compressed air industry. International covers 24 Worldwide. Moreover we are one of the best filter manufacturer in the world. Certified for ISO 9001/14001 of the world's first production of air filters. So you can trust and reliable in industries with high quality wind requirements.


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